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Build Stunning Single-page Apps or UIs

Code Buoyant is a Vue.js development company that builds highly reliable applications and solutions for our customers. And Vue.js allows us to create them extensively faster than any other framework. Regular updates to Vue.js and a rapidly growing community of developers enable continuous learning, summarising into fewer issues and more prompt solutions. Since its launch, the Vue.js framework has maintained the unofficial title of "an ideal solution for startups."

Why Vue.js?


Along with a broad set of features, Vue.js is one of the most adaptable frameworks.

Size and Speed

The standard size of a project created with Vue.js is 19–21 KB.


With Vue.js, it's easy to build applications from scratch.


Vue.js makes it effortless to create web apps for any company.

Liberated Professional Team

We Just Don’t Offer a Resource

A good development company can sustain even the most complicated processes and direct you smoothly towards your objective.

At Code Buoyant, our development strategies are based on the industry's best conventions and years of experience, so you can be confident that your business is in the right hands.

1. Find an associate

Pick the right Node.js development team for your project.

2. Create your idea

Brainstorm and study jointly with your web development counsels.

3. Choose a technology

Settle the tech stack and overall procedure with the development team.

4. Design your solution

Create a stunning, user-friendly web, desktop, or mobile application.

5. Initiate development

Supervise as our skilled development team brings your app to life.

6. Go to market

Get your tailored solution into market and extend your business.

Our Advantage

Why trust Code Buoyant for your development needs?

Hiring an outsourced programming team doesn't have to be a labour-intensive, budget-busting methodology.

When you work with us, you'll hire a programming team dedicated to being swift, reliable, responsive and strategic—all at an expense that won't break the bank.

Rapid on-detail development

Quick 24/7 Online Support

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Avoid hiring annoyances, and assemble your Vue.js development team in days

Craft customisable applications with Code Buoyant's Vue.js development services

Web App Development

Code Buoyant's Vue.js web app development unit creates attractive, user-centric web solutions. We assure a solid online existence for our customers regardless of company scope or industry.

Single Page Application (SPA) Development

Visually remarkable, fast-performing, and easy-to-navigate pages are precisely what companies need and what Code Buoyant, as a Vue.js development company, deliver when we develop SPAs.

Custom App Development

Vue.js is an exceptional framework for developing custom web apps. Building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that support mobile and desktop devices let us use a single framework for multiple scaffolds.

Real-Time Apps

Prerequisites for real-time app development are apparent: you need fast performance, effortless use, and complicated functionality. We propose Vue.js development services to create tracking and streaming apps that satisfy all those needs.

Migration Services

At Code Buoyant, we provide Vue.js app development services in the middle of the product delivery process. In these cases, we migrate to Vue.js with zero downtime and no data loss.

Component Development

We develop adaptive UI solutions that are approvingly functional and reusable across several projects. This is incredibly valuable to growing businesses with revising conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What companies use Vue.js?

Vue.js is the initial programming framework for BridgeU, GitLab, and Grammarly. Other world-renowned organisations that use Vue.js include Google, Netflix, Adobe, Upwork, Alibaba, and Nintendo. More and more organisations are embracing Vue.js thanks to its versatility.

2. What are the main benefits of using Vue.js?

Vue.js blends with existing apps built on JavaScript and lets developers optimise functionality via HTML directives. The component-based approach enables you to create software using reusable elements you can adjust globally, revving development and enhancing code quality. Its bidirectional data flow mirrors all model changes without reloading pages. It's perfect for building high-performing, weightless apps.

3. How much does it cost to develop the Vue.js app?

The cost relies on your project's size, complexity, and range of work. Code Buoyant offers affordable rates and numerous payment models. You can contact us anytime to discuss your objectives, and we can estimate your price.

Let's make it happen!

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