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Visually Stunning User Experience Design Are Crafted Here

Code Buoyant is a UI/UX design services company adding context to the lifelike behaviour of users that echoes the brand value. Specialising in handcrafting beautiful designs, we add value and create a brand identity.
By concentrating on user behaviour and their engaging pattern with applications, our UI/UX services exceed past aesthetics to be user-centred and content-centric. To create hyper-personalised experiences, we provide a user experience to enhance engagement, usability, and label recall. Our unit of UX strategists, data architects and visual designers look at the bigger constellation of contact points with audiences to formulate creative UI/UX experiences.

Our UI/UX design services are both web & mobile-oriented, bringing the best experience to users and a convincing brand presence.

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Laser-focused on your needs, vision and goals

Create instinctive, easy-to-use, and satisfying platforms for users with our UI/UX design services

Designers need to consider how the user will interact with the app and minimise the time it takes to complete tasks. This assures that users will conclude what they need to do without leaving the app or questioning how to do something. We Ensure We Meet Your Expectations In Our Engineered User Interface Designs.

Data Architecture

We optimise data flow, component functionality, integrations, and ease of navigation to meet performance objectives.

Mobile UI/UX Design

End-to-end mobile UI/UX, leveraging touchscreen, responsive UI, and other aspects for better mobile-first user experiences.

UX Research

UX analysis encircles a variety of research methods to add context to the design strategy from the end user's viewpoint.

Design Thinking

Design thought for a hands-on, user-centric strategy towards problem-solving as well as understanding challenges & speculations.

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Trusted By More than 100+ Companies and Businesses Throughout the World

Our Work Proces

Use bullet-proof strategies that produce results

At Code Buoyant, we have devoured years of grinding our procedures and integrating industry best practices to deliver the highest Web design standards.

User Research

Describe your users, recognise their requirements and challenges, and discover how your system can support them.


Design the structural, compositional, and graphic design according to the user requirements.


Use wireframes and prototypes to create high-fidelity samples of the design.

Usability Testing

Execute functionality testing and make fixes if the client has any issues.

Launch & Evaluation

Publicise the design and perform a successive study to evaluate how it satisfies user needs.

We support you deliver growth-driven experiences to your users

Driving Human Experience Forward!

Stand out from the mass by improving your digital products with Code Buoyant's to-quality UI Design services

Design Usable Products

Make digital engagement fluid and assure simple, reflexive access to the content your users need

Boost User Engagement and Retention

Increase conversion rates and loyalty by delivering products that simplify navigation and analysis

Influence Predictable Components

Operational consistency, furnished with modern UI components, guarantees predictability and trust

Give Users Tailored & Immersive Services

Drive client engagement by proposing services and products individually to them

Articulate Brand Values and Establish Trust

Illustrate your brand differentiators and build confidence among your target market with reliable, dedicated, and consistent designs

Increase Productivity

Boost client satisfaction and sales volumes while pushing down resource expenses

Decrease Development Costs

Lower prospective investment expenses with professional design and support assistance from the beginning

Lower Client Support Costs

Exceptional interfaces decrease errors and undesirable actions, decreasing the client contact issues


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the difference between UX and UI design?

UI and UX design go hand in hand; no product has one without the other. Yet, there are some fundamental differences to take into mind. A UX designer focuses on functionality and how a product works. A UI designer, however, focuses on how it looks and feels. A good metaphor is a human body: The bones symbolise the underlying code. The organs illustrate the UX design. UI is the senses and responses of the body.

2. How to choose the right UX/UI design company?

A definitive goal is to ensure your website can supply its users with the most possible, flawless experience as anticipated. Thus, you expect your UI/UX Design agency to be similarly productive, cutting, and client-focused about plan and UX. You need a great product and design to get decent ROI in the digital platform.

3. Can I hire a developer on a project basis task?

Yes. You can employ a UX/UX designer for a specific task or project based on your needs.

4 How much does it cost to hire a UI/UX expert?

Several factors, such as app complexity, design, number of pages, and advanced functionalities, play an essential role in determining the cost of hiring a UI/UX specialist.

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