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Our names are incorporated into the very material of culture, from the meals we eat to the vehicles we drive. We'll assist you in creating a new category, reenergizing your business, or cultivating your flag with a name you're proud to scream to the world.

Code Buoyant is a leading brand identity agency that provides brand identity design by examining your label objectives and targeted personas. This includes trademark naming, competent tagline creation, packaging design, logo design, and full-service label identity design packages. We understand the burden you feel to produce results: competition, a new round of funding, fast growth – it can all usher to wakeful nights. No one should have to live like that, taking so much pressure. We'll build a beautiful and transparent brand narrative that connects with your clients and then apply it across the board – so you can concentrate on what you're best at.

Brand Identity is who you are as an enterprise or organization; that statement should be solid and transparent, echoing throughout all aspects of your business judgments. Whether you're pitching a new brand or require a reenergized update, we make a defined brand awareness between you and your customer for a long-lasting impression. Code Buoyant has hurled brands from birth, which includes Logo Design, Package Design, Copywriting, Brand Voice Development, and more. Our speciality is delivering the full scope of brand identity design assistance you'll need to create or revive a unique Brand Identity package.

  • See your logo on real-life mockups
  • Get 10+ logo files that you can use across all mediums
  • High-resolution file types include SVG, PNG, EPS & PDF
  • Black & white, colour, and transparent background variations

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Brand Identity is a way to make a difference and set your brand out of the mass in your industry. We team up with our clients to create successful brand identities that boost confidence. Code Buoyant visionary brand identity system helps connect you to your target audience. Once our team understand your idea, we can concentrate on your story's graphic and creative elements, which are just as important as the narrative itself. This is what constructs unique and spirited connections with your consumers. Code Buoyant's Brand Identity services aid gets your enterprise more visibility and places your label as a superior in the industry.

Brand Identity Services

We concentrate on deep brand positioning analysis to specify the exact branding approach for where you intend to go regarding competition and trends. From there, we build your brand identity materials as mandated to reach your KPIs.

Branding Services

We deliver our customers with branding services, tailored production, giveaway materials, and digital-only components of label equity. This position your label for the best conceivable appeal strategy, reducing the cost of asset of new customers.

Corporate Identity Design

Our branding specialists solve tricky brand identity essentials with multiple endpoints, such as websites, auto wraps, trade show stalls, and collateral. We also supply custom identity design services to expand and innovate in your market.

Custom Design Services

We offer tailored brand design services for different industry types. Our services are all-encompassing: logo & identity innovation, label book design, print, web design, email, and custom one-off design services.

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At Code Buoyant, we have devoured years of grinding our procedures and integrating industry best practices to deliver the highest Web design standards.

User Research

Describe your users, recognise their requirements and challenges, and discover how your system can support them.


Design the structural, compositional, and graphic design according to the user requirements.


Use wireframes and prototypes to create high-fidelity samples of the design.

Usability Testing

Execute functionality testing and make fixes if the client has any issues.

Launch & Evaluation

Publicise the design and perform a successive study to evaluate how it satisfies user needs.

We support you deliver growth-driven experiences to your users

Driving Human Experience Forward!

Stand out from the mass by improving your digital products with Code Buoyant's to-quality UI Design services

Design Usable Products

Make digital engagement fluid and assure simple, reflexive access to the content your users need

Boost User Engagement and Retention

Increase conversion rates and loyalty by delivering products that simplify navigation and analysis

Influence Predictable Components

Operational consistency, furnished with modern UI components, guarantees predictability and trust

Give Users Tailored & Immersive Services

Drive client engagement by proposing services and products individually to them

Articulate Brand Values and Establish Trust

Illustrate your brand differentiators and build confidence among your target market with reliable, dedicated, and consistent designs

Increase Productivity

Boost client satisfaction and sales volumes while pushing down resource expenses

Decrease Development Costs

Lower prospective investment expenses with professional design and support assistance from the beginning

Lower Client Support Costs

Exceptional interfaces decrease errors and undesirable actions, decreasing the client contact issues


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is brand identity?

Brand Identity is who you are as an enterprise or organization; that assertion needs to be solid and transparent, echoing throughout all factors of your business determinations. Whether you're pitching a new brand or need a fresh update, we build a defined awareness between you and your customer for a long-lasting impression.

2. Why is Brand Identity important for your company?

A powerful brand identity gives your company character by creating a striking personality that reaches your target audience's intellect and assists build customer loyalty and faith in a brand. A robust visual brand identity is recognisable; it infuses trust and belief in you and your label.

3. What is included in a brand identity package?

A branding package is a set of physical and digital resources created to install a brand's impression. An entire brand identity strategy package contains Brand Audits and Assessments, Brand Naming, Marketing collateral design, Logo Design, Brand Style Guide, Brand tagline, and much more.

4 How much does a brand Identity design service cost?

The expense of brand identity services differs and relies on aspects like the range of services, the digital agency you intend to hire, and more. We can't provide you with a specific number without consulting your needs and the spectrum of services you require.

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